What is Hung Kuen Kung Fu?

Hung Kuen is a traditional Chinese Kung Fu system. The full title of the art is Nam Siu Lam Hung Gar Kuen or Southern Shaolin Hung Family Fist. The roots of the art lie in the monastic traditions of Southern China.

Our club belongs to the Ti Ku Sam lineage. Ti Ku Sam was renown not only for his fighting ability but also for his practice of the yogic aspects of Kung Fu. He is credited with creating the internal “Iron Thread” form of Hung Kuen. This understanding of dynamic yoga underpins everything we practice at the club.

The lineage contains several entire systems. We use Hung Kuen as the foundation for learning Kung Fu.

At West London Kung Fu we practice traditional training methods and applications. These are not suitable for children under the age of 14. We do not offer classes for children.

Five Animals Kung Fu – Shaolin Hung Gar Kuen

What are the five animals ?

To understand how the human body moves the Shaolin looked to nature:


Fast, light, precision strikes combined with agile footwork


Powerful movements of arms and upper body escape locks and unbalance opponents


A light wiry body focuses internal energy to grip and grapple


Soft and yielding, absorbs and deflects strikes, lightning fast counter-strikes


Awesomely powerful strikes and immense strength

What is Hung Kuen For

Everything that you learn in Hung Kuen has an application for self-defence. There is much more to Hung Kuen than just self-defence; there is yoga, aerobic fitness, health, traditional medicine, competition, art and more. But the thing that makes Hung Kuen different from plain yoga or aerobics is that you learn to defend yourself.

What will I learn?


Striking with power. Avoiding and controlling punches and kicks.


Using leverage to apply locks. Avoiding joint and muscle locks.


How to unbalance, uproot, and throw an opponent. How to keep your own balance.

Vital points

Understanding anatomy and medicine to attack vulnerable points.


Cultivating energy for health and vitality, and using it in defence and attack.


How to avoid confrontation when possible. How to diffuse confrontation when possible. How to use force when necessary to exit a confrontation minimising harm to yourself and others.


Using a wide range of weapons such as: the staff, sword, dagger, spear and walking stick to strike, trap, throw, and attack vital points

Who is Hung Kuen For?

Is it suitable for women ?

The foundations of Hung Kuen are balance, natural movement and good body mechanics. This makes it an ideal art for women.

Is there an age requirement?

At West London Kung Fu we practice traditional training methods and applications. These are not suitable for children under the age of 14. We do not offer classes for children.

Do I need to be fit to start kung fu?

Kung fu is for ordinary people. You do not need to be particularly fit to take up kung fu. Practicing the art will both build, and sustain, your health and fitness. There is no upper age limit.

Is a particular body shape better for Hung Kuen?

The whole point of kung fu is that it is for everybody. It doesn’t matter whether you are tall or short, big or small, male or female. This is the art for you.


Practicing Hung Kuen

  • Improves coordination
  • Improves posture and balance
  • Improves flexibility and strength of joints and muscles
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases aerobic fitness
  • Increases health
  • Practices mindfulness
  • Cultivates energy so that you look and feel younger

and on top of everything, it’s fun!

Free Trial

How can I find out more ?

The best way to find out more is to give us a try. To arrange your free session just call me (Tom Bayley) on 0755 466 1680.

Where do you train?

We are based in Teddington, West London. There are good road and rail connections to central London.

When do you train?

There is one class each week and it lasts for 2 hours. It is on Wednesday nights from 7.30 pm until 9.30 pm.

What should I wear?

We train in a T shirt, loose fitting trousers and clean in-door trainers (e.g. badminton shoes).


Your first session is free. Classes are £45 a month. There is no joining fee but Member to Member insurance is around £20 a year.

Who is the instructor?

My name is Tom Bayley. I am fifty years old and I am a qualified teacher working in adult education. I began studying Hung Kuen in 1994 and I opened the West London club as an instructor in 2006.


We do not offer classes for children in Teddington.


Phone : 0755 466 1680 Tom Bayley Instructor