What is Hung Kuen For

Everything that you learn in Hung Kuen has an application for self-defence. There is much more to Hung Kuen than just self-defence; there is yoga, aerobic fitness, health, traditional medicine, competition, art and more. But the thing that makes Hung Kuen different from plain yoga or aerobics is that you learn to defend yourself.

You will learn


Striking with power. Avoiding and controlling punches and kicks.


Using leverage to apply locks. Avoiding joint and muscle locks.


How to unbalance, uproot, and throw an opponent. How to keep your own balance.

Vital points

Understanding anatomy and medicine to attack vulnerable points.


Cultivating energy for health and vitality, and using it in defence and attack.


Avoid potentially harmful situations. Diffuse potentially harmful situations. Use measured force to escape harmful situations.


Using a wide range of weapons such as: the staff, sword, dagger, spear and walking stick to strike, trap, throw, and attack vital points